Smokers – When You Want the Best

For smokers looking for a way to smoke without breaking any laws, they are enjoying the more high performance VaporZone Pulse electric cigarette device. The reason is that it delivers more than enough vapor and completely satisfies the smoker – who is now a “vaper” by the way.  The flavors of e-liquids are almost unlimited – tobacco, menthol, sure. But spiced apple cider mixed with sweet tobacco? yeah!  Vape that and you are hooked for sure.

This is true especially for travelers who stay in hotels, as you know, most hotels do not offer a “smoking” room anymore as they are all non-smoking.  There are some hotels than even ban smoking on the property altogether.

So the smoker has no choice but to tweak out from not being able to smoke or… they can turn to these types of e cigarettes to fill the need.  However a funny thing happens as more and more people now prefer the ecigs.  I’m not talking about the crappy ones you get a convenience store, but the ones you either buy online from a reputable website or from your local vape shop (if the want to stay in business they will sell the good ones, right?).

  • Just remember to match your desired nicotine strength so you do not cheat yourself out of what you need. Also take note that the more power the device has, the more concentrated it is, so you may end up with a lower dose to satisfy your cravings.

Having said that… most business folks who travel do not have time to mess around with lousy imitations. So that is why we recommend you only go with the best, even if it cost more it is so worth it. Perhaps these happy travelers can find a way to put these top of the line vaping devices (like the Vapor Zone Pulse) on their expense account? Sure, why not!

Vacation Shape Up in the House

Planning a vacation soon and already booked your hotel and airfare? But you look in the mirror and see a blob of humanity starring back at you! Yikes, it’s time to lose that fat or stick it where it belongs (ladies).

For woman exclusively, there is a program made just for them. We looked at several online Venus Factor reviews and have come to the conclusion that this is the best weight loss/get into shape program for woman period.

Think of being able to hit the hotel pool in that teeny bikini or the watch the jaws drop on the fellas as you walk by down at the beach. It can happen, the Venus Factor is very effective with specific plans that focus on calories and workouts that help a lady get their curves back and melt away all that unwanted blubber in unwanted places.

The sooner you start, the better. No need work harder and sweat like a pig, just do it smarter and watch the shape take effect. You owe it yourself to at least check it out and compare it to other programs out there, just start something and enjoy your vacation.

E Cigarettes Save You Money At Unprecedented Bargain Prices

If you have been vaping for a while now and think you can save more money, then take a look at some of the cheapest electronic cigarettes that give you the most for your hard earned money.

premiere pack at $24.95

What you essentially want is an e cigarette that gives you great performance and great taste or what’s the point? There are so many brands out there that say they are the best, OK that’s fine, but which are really good and can go easy on your savings?

A few companies fit this mold pretty good, some have been around for a while like Green Smoke and some are relatively new like Halo Cigs or Cigavette (shown above). All three are good, but GreenSmoke is the most expensive out of the bunch since they are a premium e-cigarette company.

If you are unsure, try a few brands out first. Opt for their lowest priced kit and give them a good honest test drive and you will see certain quirks that make them different from each other in their own unique way.

At this point, it comes down to how you like using the product. Is the draw resistance the way you like it? Is the flavor too bold or too weak? Other things like how it looks and feels while you use it. We are all different so that is where our choices come in to play. ;)

Cigar Aficionados Go Electric

OK, I know this is going to sound weird, but I just got an electric cigar as a gift. The thing is crazy, it taste just like a Cuban cigar but does not stink up the office like a real cigar would with all the smoke. Oh yeah, I can smoke it – actually the proper term is vape (as in vaping) it indoors as there is no smoke just  a water vapor base with flavorings to taste like a cigar.

Not sure if this falls under the e cig ban but I assume it would. Since it is almost the same thing with the flavored nicotine and battery, etc. The one I got is disposable and lasts like 2 yrs or 2,000 puffs – that’s insane! I tell ya, the dang thing taste just like a cigar.

You are probably wondering, well how do I smoke it? First off you smoke this thing the same way you would a real one. Puff until you get the vapor in your mouth, enjoy it for a second or 2 and then blow it out. Here is a video of a guy showing you how to smoke an e cigar the proper way.

Since I occasionally smoke cigars, this is a great option as I just found out I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time! No wonder they always tasted like an old tire of a tow truck. Real cigars are persnickety, you have to watch them and babysit them or else there are so many things that can go wrong.

The electronic cigar, so far I love it. Hopefully there will be more flavors coming out that I can try cause I definitely like this thing better than the real thing. A real cigar aficionado may argue that this thing is a joke, but don’t knock it until you try it. Is it better than the real thing? I don’t know for sure as I have never really had a great cigar – so I’ll have to try it out and let you know.

Perhaps hotels will catch on to this trend and have designated zones for e cigarettes and e cigars to accommodate those guests without just sticking them in the same category as smokers. It’s something the hotel industry needs to pay attention to and take action on so guest do not go elsewhere. Competition is fierce out there… just ask any concierge and they will give you the scoop as they are always the ones who knows what’s really going on.

Seeking Psychic Advice for the Financial Future

We all need and want to be able to provide for ourselves and our family and some decisions do not always work out. A lot of people just keep spinning their wheels and not knowing when to give up based on pride. Did you know that the most successful people use an unfair advantage by using various psychic readings online that helps them gain valuable insights to a lot things that has to do with finance and even love?

There is no point is kicking up dust only to find out there is no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Most folks are determined to not “give up” as they feel they are a loser – so says society. Look at this differently, it’s not giving up but switching you focus on something that may work better.

Look at the most successful people in the world, they know when to call it quits when a concept or business is not working for them, and then focus that drive and determination on something else that does. You would be a fool to not look into the council of a faithful psychic, sure you need to find a good one, but once you do they become your secret weapon…

You don’t need to tell anyone what you have up your sleeve, you can just go online to the tarot channel and see what it available to you, perhaps an astrologer or psychic reader would be a better fit for you than one which relies on tarot cards.

Just whatever you do, please don’;t sit around and dream, get up and make somehting happen and seek the advice you need to get that foot out of the gutter and into t he gold.

Hotels Plan to Ban E Cigarettes

With the recent popularity of e cigarettes there has also been a lot of chaos and uncertainty involved. Since a lot of them look like a real cigarette, it can appear a person is smoking in places they should not be, which in turn triggers other people to “light up” thinking it’s OK to smoke in here.

There have been a lot of recent regulations involving the vaping community and some cities and counties have banned the use of ecigs in public places, a few towns within San Bernardino CA being one one of them. With NYC ready to pounce right now… On the flip side, many proposed bans did not pass as a lot of supporters are showing up to protest.

However, a hotel can “ban” anything it wants as it is a private business as long as it does not discriminate staying within the law – you know what we mean. If it feels it is creating a nuisance for other guests, a hotel will take action.

Other things to consider is that there are two kinds of electronic cigarettes:

e-cigarette-illustration vaping-devices

  1. The most popular one is the pen style, which has the same look as a cigarette. That right there can cause some confusion since it appears like someone is smoking when in fact they are not.
  2. The second kind is a “vaping device”, these are much bigger in size and made of polished metal with small tanks on the top of them that hold e juice. Hence, they look nothing like a real cigarette. The problem with these is that they produce a lot of thick vapor (like a cloud), so much in fact that it could be a problem for anyone near them.

It can be a confusing topic indeed. If you are not really sure what we are talking about, then please visit as they have a lot of information about them (found them while web surfing, good info).  Most people use these vapor cigarettes as a way to cut back or eliminate the tobacco cigarettes.

They have become very popular for folks addicted to nicotine who seek an alternative.  For someone starting out they usually go for the cheapest e-cigarette just to try it out.  However, real penny pinchers are obtaining these at gas stations where the bottom of the barrel brands reside.

This is a video of a guy demonstrating how the “South Beach Smoke” brand works. Looks just like a cigarette, right? For more info, please visit this South Beach Smoke review to gain more insight into what these things really are.

As for hotels putting the ban on ecigs and vaping devices, well, it’s just a wait and see thing.  The most important thing to consider is how hotel guests react to others around them who are using these and if they become bothersome.  Even though it’s not smoke and a made up of water vapor, flavoring, and nicotine (the reason they are so popular) they shouldn’t poss to much a problem.

But like mentioned before, some of these things really produce a heavy vapor cloud, it doe s not dissipate quickly like the pen types and lingers around – that is the problem.  I’m sure if you were sitting inside a hotel cafe and the person next to you blowing out a cloud scented like a banana (yes, they come in a variety of weird flavors) you may not care for it all that much, especially if the smell for bananas makes you sick.

Mortgage Refinancing Still Low Despite The News Media

Moving towards October 2013 the mortgage rates were on the rise, but something awesome is happening, they are dropping again. Not a real exciting drop, just a smidgen and the important thing here is that they are not rising at the moment.

So what this means is that you should look into refinancing if your mortgage payment or you feel you’re being screwed on your overall total interest paid. We recently spoke with Chuck Stone via social media, editor at his website.  He said to keep an eye out on refi rates until the new year starts, by then it could go either way.

condo conversion luxury hotelIt all depends on if homes are selling or not.  If new homes are selling rapidly then expect the standard mortgage rates to rise as demand increases.

It’s just common sense, but if your converted condo inside that luxury hotel has a chance to save you money in the long run, then do your homework and check out if you can get a better rate.

Don’t let a good opportunity slip by you, remember when you mortgage a home/condo you pay the interest first then the capital.  On a usual 30 year loan, depending on your interest rate, you could easily pay more in interest than loan – essentially paying over double for your home.

Guide To Comparing The Best Refi Rates Online


If you are tired of paying too much interest on that single-family home or renovated condominium (which used to be a hotel) and have that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know the interest will far outweigh the overall cost of the mortgage – pay attention to this if your interest rate is currently over 4.7%.

First off, no matter what is being said, the lowest refinance rates can be easily attainable if you qualify.

To qualify you need:

  • a credit score of 750 or above
  • at least 20% or more equity in your home
  • value of your home and surrounding homes are not decreasing

If yes to all of the above, then what are you waiting for?  I mean really do you want to pay double in interest in addition to that mortgage?  Of course you don’t.  When comparing refinance rates online pay attention to the quality of the information being provided for you.

Usually the best places on the web to get mortgage quotes are independent websites that offer you choices and show comparisons amongst several lending or mortgage companies at no charge.  The big corporate companies will usually try and sell you more on their services which is understandable, but try and shop around a bit as you will find a much broader sense of opinions and information.

Take a look at the website and use their web form to compare multiple quotes and see which companies have what you are looking for, as well as taking advantage of the detailed info and tips for getting the best refi rate by improving or adjusting a few things as soon as possible.

Insurance, Do We Really Need it?

Taking a sideways look at things here folks… Homes, condos, plus ownership equals more responsibility and brings up the questions on various types of insurance that we may be required to have or any need to live a productive life.  Is it truly needed? Well, if you own a lot of stuff then yes you kind of do. Especially if you have a family and here is why.


Say you bite the dust unexpectedly, will your family be financially protected? Life insurance is very important even though you may not have use for it when you are alive, although some policies let you borrow against it. Go compare these life insurance quotes and see how much you can save when you pit companies against each other.


Even though you may not feel ill right now, the out-of-the-blue condition can creep up on you without notice, ever hear of the silent killer? Do you have health insurance that covers you without worry? If not, then you need to look at these heath insurance quotes right away and make a decision, don’t rely on Obamacare as that will be a mess in my opinion. Take action and control in your own hands.


Safe driver? You may be, but the punk kid racing around the corner is his new hot rod may not be. Do you have the proper auto insurance that covers you, your passengers, and your sweet ride? If you even have a question to that, go to the following website and compare these auto insurance quotes to find a better deal with more coverage.


Got a mortgage on your home? Most of us do, that is why having home insurance is important to protect that investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and even into the millions these days. This is the type of insurance that can come in real handy when mother nature is having a bad day… check out cheap homeowners insurance options online to help you find a better deal and possible up your coverage.

So, do you really need all types of insurance coverage? If you want to feel protected without having the stress and worry, then yes, you do. We all do even though it can sometimes feel like a waste of money. If something were to happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Looking for the Lowest Refinance Rates? Come Inside

hotel condo conversionsThere are a lot of options out there when it comes to what type of mortgage and home loan you want to pursue as it is a very big commitment.

Traditional hotels that have been converted to condos are selling like crazy nowadays because you get so much more. The hotel amenities are what makes the sale.

To compare rates, just fill out the application on the following website about finding the lowest mortgage rates as there is a lot of info there to catch up on.

The allure of owning your own home whether it be a condo, a single family house, or even an Airstream trailer in the mountains it all has the same feeling of home.

The key to getting the lowest interest on 30 yr mortgage rates is your credit score, meaning how good it is as it must be excellent if you want that low rate or else it will rise like hot air.

This goes for all loans across the board including auto, medical, personal, etc.  Credit score plays the biggest part in the hunt for low rates on loans.